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Nouveau  Une visite du c�t� d'un autre g�ant de base de donn�e: ORACLE. Reproche de ne parler que de SAP. Voilà, c'est chose faite.
En page annexe en cours d'insertion quelques lignes sur les processus de ORACLE INTEGRATION OVERVIEW, entre autre ou encore la Supply Chain Collaboration Strategies for the Consumer Electronics Industry pour ne citer que suite ci-dessous.                                                                                  Site 17/01/2006

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Supply Chain Collaboration Strategies for the Consumer Electronics Industry

An Oracle White Paper

August 2005

Download un example of this White Paper documentation_oracle\supply-chain-collab.pdf

Another News Oracle can help to run a smarter, more profitable retail business.documentation_oracle\retail-industry-brochure.pdf

En bas de page une documantation sur le modèle de Oracle Integration Overview

Documentation à jour.


Actualit� L'Oracle voit un avenir pour Linux Site ORACLE:  Oracle France

supply-chain-collab.... Implementation Methodology

The team responsible for implementing Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration has developed and fine-tuned a path to successful collaboration system implementations. Our proven methodology is comprised of four major phases:

  1. • Define Collaboration Strategy
  2. • Develop Collaboration Program
  3. • Launch Collaboration Program
  4. • Rollout Collaboration Program

The objectives of the first phase are to define the collaboration strategy by company, and to align the value of collaboration with the corporate goals and objectives of the retailers and consumer electronics manufacturers.

During the second phase, the trading partners prepare for collaboration, and develop a detailed deployment plan.

With the deployment plan in hand, the trading partners are ready to implement the collaborative solution and measure the results.

During the launch phase, file transmissions are typically unidirectional from demand planning, merchandising, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management (WMS) systems to the collaborative application platform. This reduces project complexity and allows the project team to focus on correcting the immediate business misalignments. Files are received from both the buyer and the seller to enable inter-enterprise comparison of past and future business expectations. Typical file formats used for collaboration includes flat files, EDI, and XML.

Finally, the trading partners move the collaboration initiative into a fully integrated, enterprise-wide solution supporting a broader set of products, business processes, distribution centers, and retail outlets. At this stage, bidirectional data integration between the existing operational systems and the collaborative platform is recommended to enable the broad rollout implementation.

Supply Chain Collaboration Strategies for the Consumer Electronics Industry Page 8

Proven Results

While specific results vary, Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration customers have experienced results in the following areas:

  1. • Sustained inventory reduction by as much as 10 percent to 60 percent for both the buyer and seller
  2. • Improved forecast accuracy by as much as 10 percent to 30 percent
  3. • Enhanced store shelf stock rates by as much as 2 percent to 8 percent
  4. • Increased sales by as much as 5 percent to 20 percent
  5. • Reduction of logistics costs by as much as 3 percent to 4 percent

In addition to these tangible results, Oracle clients have also reported improved conditions in the following intangible categories:

  1. • Reduction of the last-minute, costly expedition of product shipments
  2. • Reduction of lost sales opportunities
  3. • Improved business relationships between buyer and sellers due to joint supply chain visibility and shared planning
  4. • Scalable business processes that allow for the same staff to more efficiently manage more business relationships.


To be successful, consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers must maximize the efficiency of their demand and replenishment processes, while minimizing the liability exposure of changes to supply and demand. Supply chain collaboration management is a process that supports retailers’ and manufacturers’ business goals by managing large volumes of strategic supply chain time series data by exceptions. This can help consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers in the following areas:

  1. • Enhancement of relationships between retailers and manufacturers through collaboration.
  2. • Improved supply chain responsiveness through the timely correction of misalignments of demand and supply signals
  3. • Enhanced coordination of promotional events through synchronized events planning and execution between retailers and suppliers
  4. • Better demand planning leading to higher forecast accuracy results, which in turn lead to higher service levels and increased sales
  5. • Improved replenishment planning as inventory positions, sales, lead times, and other supply chain planning data is taken into consideration

Supply Chain Collaboration Strategies for the Consumer Electronics Industry Page 9


Site ORACLE:  Oracle France


Documentation ORACLE.


Stocking Policy for the Warehouse Pick Face-Part 3 - ORACLE (Post en 3 volets)
By Aditya Agarkar  13.06.2007
The pick unit of measure will let you configure pick rules that minimize material handling in your warehouse by fulfilling orders in integer multiples of pack configuration. Dedicated and Floating Locators ...



Intelligent Document Delivery: The Ins and Outs of Business Process ROI with Oracle® ERP
Invoicing, Sales Order Processing, Purchasing, and Cash Collection

documentation_oracle\Esker11606B.pdf Anglais


Best Practices White Paper
Using Oracle Database 10g
Automatic Storage Management with FUJITSU Storage

Sep 6, 2005 Fujitsu Limited

documentation_oracle\fujitsu20706A.pdf Anglais

Documentation à jour.


Cr�dit: ITtoolbox SAP Knowledge Base


Oracle va proposer une plate-forme de services complète pour op�rateurs.
Edition du 20/04/2006 - par Christophe Bardy

Isra�l High-Tech : Intel, Oracle et Sun �tendent leur ...
IsraelValley - 21 avr 2006
En parallèle, Oracle serait en n�gociation pour racheter la soci�t� isra�lienne Zend pour quelques 200 millions de $ afin d’am�liorer sa ma�trise des ...

Publi� par isatis39871 le 18/4/2006 13:55:31 - 1472 lectures
Actualit� L'Oracle voit un avenir pour LinuxLe leader des bases de donn�es envisage de lancer sa propre distribution d'un système GNU/Linux


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