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Documentation en version anglaise sur le systéme de gestion de stock WMS.    

Gestion De Stock Documentation Franéaise  documentation_gestionstock      documentation_gestionstock2002_2003  documentation_gestionstock2004

documentation_gestionstock2005.php  Voir aussi: infos_scm_documentation_supplychain.php

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Documentation Gestion Stock Anglophone: WMS Document Anglaise wms_documentation_anglophone2013_2014 wms_documentation_anglophone2012

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Nouveau ProgrammeAutomatiqueAutoSchedule

...Information on topics like Software, Automation, Ergonomics, Packaging, 3PL, Pharmaceutical, Grocery, Electronics, Beverage and more.


nouvsobreFlash actu Warehouse,

Flash actu Logistics

Flash actu transportation management - Vers Actu and News

Material Handling Product and News Decmber 2012 is ready..

pdfrondmmh201212-dlProMat 2013: Final thoughts from the show
The best of the industry was on display. You expect that at ProMat. Of more importance to me is that the end user community – the consumers of
ProMat 2013: So long Chicago. Hello Atlanta.
While final numbers won't be available until after the show, attendance topped 2011's figure as of noon on Wednesday, with well more htan 30,000 attendees, including more than 1,000 walk up registrations.

pdfrondMHPN Digital Edition_dec-2012-137549.1


Material Handling Product News October 2012 is ready..

pdfrondMHPN Digital Edition-10.10.12_128957.1


The Supply Chain Optimization Handbook. A White Paper



Government regulations for food supply chain to affect handling, pallet use
The packaging industry braces for new regulations resulting from the Food Safety Modernization Act....

Page du site: Shipping Pallets: The science behind unit load design   23.08.2012

The science behind unit load design
For the past five or six years, Mark White, president of White and Company and a professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, has been preaching the benefits of a systems-based approach to unit load design. Read more



Top 20 lift truck suppliers, 2012
Continuing an upward climb, the worldwide industrial lift truck market is seeing orders and shipments on the rise again.classification-chariot-top20-2012

pdfrondTop 20 lift truck suppliers, 2012 - Article from Modern Materials H


How lift truck fleet managers can improve efficiencies and reduce costs
With a few simple prescriptions, lift truck fleet managers can plan for the unplanned, reduce costs, and ramp up productivity and safety measures. Read more

Traçabilité des fruits et légumes : Beaucoup de technologies mais ...
Du PDA déployé dans les champs pour contrôler la quantité de produits phytosanitaires pulvérisée sur les parcelles à la puce RFID en passant par les codes-barres et la mise en réseau d'opérateurs… les nouvelles technologies, au service de la ...

Version anglaise Traceability of fruit and vegetables: A glut of technologies but little consistency!

Equipment 101: Lift truck basics
...When lift trucks were introduced nearly 100 years ago, they were simple pieces of motorized equipment designed to move pallet loads from point A to...

pdfrond MMH1108_EquipRpt_LiftTruckBasicsliftba


Palettes d'expédition: Qui a inventé la palette?

Shipping Pallets: Who invented the pallet?
You've probably never looked at a stack of pallets behind a grocery store or Walmart and wondered: Who invented that? Neither have I, and hey, I grew up in the pallet industry. Read more


Top 20 supply chain management software providers
The supply chain software rebound is underway. Following a tough 2009, supply chain software was up in 2010.
http://www.mmh.com/images/site/MMH1107_Top20Software.pdf top20scm

Lift Trucks: CAT launches cost calculator tool
Tool can provide real time cost savings analysis for electric and internal combustion lift trucks.

WMS in the Cloud - Real World Business Option, or Just Fluff?

pdfrond In_the_Cloud-WMS

A faire connaître: September 2011 issue of Modern Materials Handling magazine is ready.

Un échantillon de la lettre de Septembre 2011. pdfrond Digital edition

Et Un échantillon de la lettre de Août 2011. pdfrond Digital edition

pousseur1 Improve worker safety when you roll heavy loads using the Power Pusher

Notre page de site: powerpusher_pousseurelectrique
Now one person can safely move wheeled loads up to 150,000 lbs. with total control. No forklifts or other ride-on equipment needed. Just use the Power Pusher.

  • Easy to use, pedestrian-operated, battery-powered
  • Operators don't need a license
  • Easier to store and less expensive than forklifts and other equipment. Less likely to cause damage or injury
  • Improve safety and productivity
  • Pays for itself within 12 -18 months

Le Power Pusher est un chariot manouvré par un conducteur à pied et alimenté par une batterie. Il permet de pousser, tracter et manipuler des charges mobiles pouvant peser jusqu'à 40 tonnes.

If it rolls...we can move it. Free instructional DVD.

Click here to learn more.



Pirelli cables utilise le Power Pusher pour ses tourets de câble ...

Mesurant seulement 1,4 m de long et 67 cm de large, le Power Pusher est à la fois hautement maniable et entièrement autonome, 

-- Notre page de site: powerpusher_pousseurelectrique--

Contrefaçons. Fighting the Fakes (Anglais)
Effective strategies for mitigating the risks of counterfeit parts
By Andrew K. Reese, with Rory King
April 201
1 Site le 10.09.2011
Turkish Cargo expands fleet and route network
Turkish Cargo has added a new A330-200F to its fleet, and has added five new destinations to its cargo route network.

soft-usageMaterials handling software usage, reader survey
Thursday, June 30, 2011 • 2:00 p.m. ET
WMS, SCMP, WCS, LMS and more - Modern's readers offer insights into their use of software, from (alphabet) soup to nuts.
In this Special Modern Webcast, Group Editorial Director Michael Levans will be joined by Modern's Executive Editor Bob Trebilcock, and John Hill, a leading supply chain software analyst as they share all the findings of this year's survey. Click here for more information...

Copie PDF version: pdfrouge mmh1106_softwaresurvey


new Avons reçu l'édition 06 2011 de MMH ou il est question de l'AGV (page 22)pdfrouge MMH01062011

MHIA releases results of Sustainability Study
Report titled "Sustainability in Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing" finds that social responsibility is the No. 1 driving force behind supply chain sustainability. Read more

Traiter avec des palettes de moisi
Lorsque la moisissure se passe, ce n'est pas joli. Voici ce que les palettes peuvent faire.

Best of the Pallet Report
Is another pallet pool in the offing? (traduire avec votre navigateur)
The new Costco spec could open the door for an independent pallet pool from NWPCA members

Pallets and RFID. (traduire avec votre navigateur)
Some end users putting RFID and pallets to work to track work-in-process and finished goods in their facilities and supply chains
Dealing with moldy pallets (traduire avec votre navigateur)
When mold happens, it isn’t pretty. Here’s what pallet users can do.


Raymond jumps into the automatic vehicle game
A lot of the buzz at this year's ProMat was around the introduction of new automatic guided vehicles by traditional materials handling vendors manufactured by lift truck partners.

Is the AGV of the future a lift truck?
I have seen the future of the materials handling industry and it looks a lot like …. a lift truck …. or an AGV ….

Materials handling and real-time tracking at Dewar's (anglais)
A new inventory management system allows whisky maker John Dewar & Sons to track the location of casks used in blending its prize-winning scotch....

manutention-suivi-temps-reel-inventaire-dewar-whiskymaker-ecosse-mmh0511 pdfgris (Traduit en français)


Study measures truck turnaround times at Port of LA/LB (Anglais)
PierPass and Ability/Tri-Modal Transportation Services have released the results of a study that used GPS tracking installed in 250 trucks to measure truck queuing and terminal visit times at the Port of Los Angeles & Long Beach.

PDF du texte en français: pdfgris

etude-des-delais-dexecution-des-mesures-de-camion-au-port-de-la-lb Fr


tp20supplyTop 20 systems suppliers
Modern's 14th-annual survey of leading materials handling systems suppliers from around the world shows that business in general is headed in a positive direction and revenue is growing again



Audit Windows in the Cloud:
An SaaS Log Management Solution
It doesn't matter if you're a small IT shop with a dozen computers or a large enterprise with a wide-spread IT infrastructure. Most likely you're subject to one of the various IT compliance regulations and without appropriate tools in place, satisfying IT regulations becomes a nightmare. A cloud-based IT management solution can help. This technical brief explains the benefits and security of cloud-based IT management solutions, which include easy access to your data and flexible subscription-based pricing, saving you time and trouble.

pdfrouge scriptlogic-0008


enewsrapport-palette-de-promat-un-article-de-modern-materials-handling Rapport palette de ProMat

New eBook "The Talking Warehouse" Depicts the Voice-Centric Distribution Era
PITTSBURGH (November 18) – Vocollect, Inc., the world leader in voicecentric solutions for mobile workers, today announced the launch of its new e-book, The Talking Warehouse: Unleashing Higher Business Performance in Product Distribution through Voice, and.... .........................................................................................................

Le voice picking est bien pratique, même dans une TPE‎
L'Entreprise -
Fournie par Vocollect et mise en place par l'intégrateur Nomadvance, elle est bâtie autour du serveur informatique vocal, du logiciel de middleware ...

videoYouTube - Vocollect's Channel -
Vocollect Dr Voice - Episode 5 Industrial Headsets May 2009. 379 views - 1 year ago. Nz2vJojyzxY ... Vocollect Dr Voice- Episode 4 In the Sound Lab May 2009 ...
www.youtube.com/user/Vocollect -

UPS rolls out 2011 rate hikes
November 02, 2010
UPS announced that new rates will kick in, effective January 3, 2011.
Swiss WorldCargo adds new destinations with Edelweiss Air
Through a partnership with Edelweiss Air, Swiss WorldCargo has introduced six new destinations into its route network.
CMA CGM teste de nouveaux éco-conteneurs
Le groupe maritime français teste actuellement l'Eko-Flor, un nouveau conteneur doté d'un plancher en matière composite ne contenant pas de bois. Développé par Conforce International et Bayer, l'Eko-Flor est fabriqué ...

100th mega container ship in Rotterdam
On August 26th, the Evelyn Maersk was the 100th ultra large container carrier (ULCC) to sail into the port of Rotterdam in 2010.


Ultra Large Crude Carrier - Wikipédia
ULCC est l'acronyme de Ultra Large Crude Carrier, soit « pétrolier transporteur de brut ultra grand » ; il désigne les pétroliers géants dont le port en ...

ULCC-Graphique-Tanker Size

news[demarche-aquisition-chariot] 05.2010

Electric or IC engine: which is right for your site?

Whether you're looking for your first forklift truck or looking to replace an existing truck, choosing the right type can be daunting. And the fact that - as in all industries - the technological, legislative and environmental issues can change doesn't make your decision any easier. What will help, though, is our easy-to-follow guide on whether an electric or an

Siemens transfers more shipments to rail

Under contract to Siemens, DB Schenker Rail has started to transport bogies manufactured in Graz from Passau to Hamburg for onward shipment via sea to China.

Manuel de la conteneurisation, Lien vers le site en allemand et version anglaise.

Vous pouvez utiliser la Barre de Traduction de Google de l'Allemand vers le Français ou tout autre langue de votre choix, et de l'Anglais vers le Français, ou autre langue.Lien ci-dessous...

Bientôt: Version traduite en français:

Manuel de la Conteneurisation - Livre de poche du Conteneur Manuel de la conteneurisation, Lien vers le site en allemand et version anglaise. Tout sur le conteneur maritime, transport maritime, les outils, navires et autres équipages, etc. Mode opératoire de manutention utiles dans les autres forme de logistique, packaging, emballage, cerclage, arrimage, calcul de positionnement, empilage, groupage,  tout sur la logistique terrestre et maritime. Notion tant débutant que avancé. Autres sujets: terminologie, calage, box, compatibilité des marchandises, chargements des conteneurs, normes, les sortes de conteneurs, les unités de transports et plus, tous les calculs, etc. Bientôt: Version traduite en français Sur http://www.lomag-man.org/ 








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