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code a barre   application code é barre   gencod ean France   traéabilité standard communication 

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Code é barres ean courriel d'internaute_special 19/04/2003

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EAN Related Web Sites
-Uniform Code Council
-Other Organisations
-Magazines and Newsletters

- EAN Related Web Sites 

The coupon data structure for the euro
Within the euro-area, coupon issuer numbers are administered by EAN Belgium-Luxembourg.

SANC National Electronic Product Catalogue

- Uniform Code Council 

USA - UCC, Uniform Code Council
Canada -ECCC, Electronic Commerce Council of Canada

- Other Organisations

International Telecommunication Union

AIM International (Automatic Identification Manufacturers), the trade association for the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry. Includes searchable databases of equipment and software manufacturers for automatic data capture.

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

Project CRISTAL - The objective of Project CRISTAL is to develop standards and guidelines to facilitate the evolution and support the implementation of electronic commerce within the distribution chain of the European agrochemical industry.

Department of Defense (DoD) Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) Official Home Page - Gateway to information on EC/EDI programs, projects, and resources in DoD. Includes EC/EDI Newsletter.

ECR Europe
Global movement in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry, focusing on the total supply chain, and including Suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and third party service providers working closely together to fulfil the changing demands of the consumer better, faster and at less cost.

EC World Institute - Global Reference Site providing information on EDI, EC, and CALS.

EDIFICE is the Standardised Electronic Commerce forum for companies with interests in Computing, Electronics and Telecommunication. EDIFICE is a non-profit organisation, organised in the form of an association under the laws of Switzerland, Article 60 and following Swiss Civil Code.


EEMA - The European Forum for Advanced Business Communications
Formed in 1987, EEMA's aim is to bring together and improve the communication between all participants in European Commerce who wish to trade and communicate electronically, and to address industry issues on behalf of EEMA members through the relevant international and government bodies. (Global issues are handled in conjunction with their sister Electronic Messaging Associations throughout the world.)
EEMA covers all forms of messaging including EDI, e-mail, Computer Fax, the Internet, the Intranet, X.400, WWW, Cross Border Issues, Security & Encryption, Electronic Directories, Multi-media, Voice Messaging é

European Commission

International Chamber of Commerce
ICC is the world business organisation, the only representative body that speaks with authority on behalf of enterprises from all sectors in every part of the world.

ISO - International Standard Organisation

PAEB - Pan American Edifact Board

e-mediat Ltd - Swiss body that regulates the distribution of pharmaceutical and medical products in Switzerland. e-mediat Ltd represents EAN Switzerland on all healthcare initiatives

UN/ECE Trade Division

- Magazines and Newsletters

Newsletter covering Bar coding and Automatic Data Collection

EDI Link

ID Systems is packed full of news and trends, case histories, tutorials, and opinion pieces about the automatic data capture industry. The titles, dedicated to the US and European markets, respectfully, are essential reading for anyone curious to know more about bar code, EDI, radio frequency identification, radio frequency data communication, card technologies, voice recognition, and biometrics.







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