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Hamburg Süd and OOCL each order 6 new containerships
Hamburg Süd has ordered six 9,600 TEU vessels from Hyundai Heavy Industries, with an option for another four; OOCL has signed a contract with Samsung Heavy Industries for six 13,000 TEU vessels.

Status of Japanese ports
According to Reuters, some of the Japanese ports that sustained major damage in last week's earthquake and the subsequent tsunami may be out of action for months.

Maersk suspends service to three Japanese ports
The world's biggest container shipping line, Maersk, has suspended services to and from three Japanese ports.


Study explores crossdocking trends
Report indicates that more and more companies are finding value in the practice's ability to take costs out of the system, manage inventory levels, increase efficiencies and accommodate unpredictable customer demand. Read more
Building the better aluminum pallet
You've heard the old saw about a better mouse trap and the path to your door. Here's the materials handling version: build a better pallet, and industry will beat a path to your door....Lee is the executive director of AL Pallet USA. While the company has been in existence since 2002 in Korea, AL Pallet’s aluminum pallet is a....
Communiqué de Presse VOCOLLECT pour le salon SITL, 29 au 31 mars ...
How to Reduce Your Supply Chain Costs: The Ultimate Green Calculator (login)
Check out this free green calculator and see how a few simple changes can mean:
More savings per shipment
and more !
U.S., Mexico focus on cross-border trucking compromise
In a political battle that has seen more than its fair share of tension, the United States and Mexico have finally hammered out an agreement to resolve the issues surrounding the countries cross-border trucking program. Read more
Transpacific container trade forecast to increase by 9.1%
According to Journal of Commerce economist Mario Moreno, transpacific container trade is forecast to grow at a healthy rate of 9.1% in 2011, compared with 10.4% in 2010, despite continuing economic challenges in the global economy.
Panama Canal may compete with rail rival
According to a recent report in The Financial Times, China is in negotiations over the construction of a 137-mile rail link across Colombia that represents a competitive route. Read more...

CMA CGM’s communication response team monitors Egypt
CMA CGM has set up a 24/7 Emergency & Communication Response Team to follow the situation in Egypt and keep in close contact with its Egyptian teams in the country, assessing their safety and ensuring operations are fully maintained.

IATA, ICAO and OAG put latest dangerous goods by air regulations online
Airlines, freight forwarders and shippers can now gain faster access to the latest regulations and information for the carriage of dangerous goods by air with the launch of DG Online by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Official Airline Guide Cargo, a division of UBM Aviation (OAG Cargo).

Vocollect acquired by Intermec, Inc. « TECHburgher :: Putting some ...
par theprossman
Over here at TechBurgher, we just got word that Vocollect, one of the region's outstanding tech firms was just acquired by Washington state – based Intermec, Inc. Vocollect,Inc. is the number one provider of voice-centric solutions for ...

New eBook "The Talking Warehouse" Depicts the Voice-Centric Distribution Era
PITTSBURGH (November 18) – Vocollect, Inc., the world leader in voicecentric solutions for mobile workers, today announced the launch of its new e-book, The Talking Warehouse: Unleashing Higher Business Performance in Product Distribution through Voice, and.... .........................................................................................................

Le voice picking est bien pratique, même dans une TPE‎
L'Entreprise -
Fournie par Vocollect et mise en place par l'intégrateur Nomadvance, elle est bâtie autour du serveur informatique vocal, du logiciel de middleware ...

videoYouTube - Vocollect's Channel -
Vocollect Dr Voice - Episode 5 Industrial Headsets May 2009. 379 views - 1 year ago. Nz2vJojyzxY ... Vocollect Dr Voice- Episode 4 In the Sound Lab May 2009 ...
www.youtube.com/user/Vocollect -

Swiss WorldCargo adds new destinations with Edelweiss Air
Through a partnership with Edelweiss Air, Swiss WorldCargo has introduced six new destinations into its route network.

100th mega container ship in Rotterdam
On August 26th, the Evelyn Maersk was the 100th ultra large container carrier (ULCC) to sail into the port of Rotterdam in 2010.


Ultra Large Crude Carrier - Wikipédia
ULCC est l'acronyme de Ultra Large Crude Carrier, soit « pétrolier transporteur de brut ultra grand » ; il désigne les pétroliers géants dont le port en ...

ULCC-Graphique-Tanker Size

Manuel de la conteneurisation, Lien vers le site en allemand et version anglaise.

Vous pouvez utiliser la Barre de Traduction de Google de l'Allemand vers le Français ou tout autre langue de votre choix, et de l'Anglais vers le Français, ou autre langue.Lien ci-dessous...

Bientôt: Version traduite en français:

Manuel de la Conteneurisation - Livre de poche du Conteneur Manuel de la conteneurisation, Lien vers le site en allemand et version anglaise. Tout sur le conteneur maritime, transport maritime, les outils, navires et autres équipages, etc. Mode opératoire de manutention utiles dans les autres forme de logistique, packaging, emballage, cerclage, arrimage, calcul de positionnement, empilage, groupage,  tout sur la logistique terrestre et maritime. Notion tant débutant que avancé. Autres sujets: terminologie, calage, box, compatibilité des marchandises, chargements des conteneurs, normes, les sortes de conteneurs, les unités de transports et plus, tous les calculs, etc. Bientôt: Version traduite en français Sur http://www.lomag-man.org/ 








  08/08/2008 MAJ: 12/04/2010

MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH
...Beginning from 2009 marine training for navigators and engineers will be resumed in Hamburg: MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH will be established to provide training for captains and engineers serving on ships, using state of the art shiphandling, engine and cargo simulators. Navigation courses as well as technical courses will be offered....

  Hoist basics
Here is an introduction to the weight lifters of materials handling: electric, air-driven and manual hoists. June 1, 2007

More information on hoist safety is available at www.mhia.org/psc/psc_cmaa_hmi_mma_osha.cfm

Pratiques recommandées pour les palans "en francais" sur le même lien ci-dessus.


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    Plan d'acceptation d'échantillonnage, logiciel anglais exemple de développement d'application sur un module précis de la gestion d'entrepôt:

    http://www.samplingplans.com/ INDEX et quelques pages, tel  

    http://www.samplingplans.com/modern3.htm#DESIGN plan de Prélèvement d'échantillons  

    These links will take you to examples of sampling plans: Ces liens vous porteront aux exemples des plans de prélèvement:


    Links to examples ci-dessous un des nombreux exemples proposés sur le site.

    1.- defectives using the binomial distribution et plus depuis le lien ci-dessus.


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