I.   Background for the Trainer:
Your company should have a written Powered Industrial Truck Program.  If so, each operator should be issued a copy of the program.  Passing it out in the beginning of the class would be a good idea so that you can refer to its contents during the training session.
II.   Speaker’s Notes:
A lift truck is an important piece of equipment that is used to transfer material, products, machinery, etc., through the facility.  When used properly, forklifts are a great asset; however, when operated incorrectly, they can cause tremendous damage to the facility and its employees.
This class has been designed to help you become a better forklift operator.  If you are an experienced driver, maybe this class will point out a habit that needs to be eliminated to become a safer driver.  If you are a brand-new operator, this class will show what type of habits need to be developed to become a safe operator.
Remember, participating in this class will not make you a good forklift driver. It is up to you to become a safe and responsible forklift operator.