I.   Background for the Trainer:
If your company regularly uses attachments, talk about specifics related to that attachment.
Also, your operators must be trained on the operating procedures and hazards associated with using your specific attachments.
Your driving evaluation must include use of the attachment.
Also, do your nameplates reflect the fact that your company uses attachments?
II.   Speaker’s Notes:
All attachments, such as carton clamps, drum clamps, paper roll clamps, rotators, and push-pull attachments, affect your lift truck’s capacity in two ways:
   -Adding an attachment is like permanently carrying a load.  If the attachment weighs 1,000 pounds, your lift truck’s capacity is automatically reduced by 1,000 pounds
   -Attachments typically move the load further away from the lift truck, which increases your load center.  If the attachment moves the load 8 inches away, it will reduce the capacity by approximately 800 pounds (100 pounds per inch) because loads that normally have a load center of 24" now have a 32" load center.