I.   Background for the Trainer:
Pass out the preoperation inspection form.
Note that the inspection described is for sit-down counterbalance lift trucks.  However, it can easily be adjusted for other types of lift trucks.
How often do preoperation inspections have to be done at your company?  This information should be detailed in your Powered Industrial Truck Program.  OSHA requires inspections at the beginning of each shift if the forklift is used continuously.  If the lift is used only sporadically each shift, then the inspection needs to be done only once per day.
II.   Speaker’s Notes:
According to OSHA studies, 6 percent of lift truck-related accidents are caused by improper maintenance.  A thorough preoperation inspection will catch almost any maintenance issue before it results in an accident.
Preoperation inspections must be done for the three reasons listed on the slide:
If an accident occurs because of a mechanical failure, it will be the operator’s responsibility if a preoperation inspection was not done.
OSHA requires preoperation inspections.
We want to demonstrate compliance with OSHA by having documented preoperation inspections conducted.