I.   Background for the Trainer:
The information on this slide is generic and may not apply to your facility.  Feel free to change the bullet points so that they coincide with the general operating rules of your company.
These and additional rules should be spelled out in your Powered Industrial Truck Program.
What is your company’s policy concerning using a forklift as a man lift?  In some states, this is illegal.  Discuss this issue with the employees if permitted by your state and your company.
Note that discussing “rules of the road” can put employees to sleep if you just
read them it point for point.  Create interaction by asking questions such as  What’s so important about wearing seat belts? They just slow me down when I climb in and out of the forklift.  What’s wrong with standing under the elevated portion of a lift truck?

II.   Speaker’s Notes:
For the next few slides, we will discuss the rules of the road.  These are also outlined in your copy of the Powered Industrial Truck Program.
Standing under elevated forks may be deadly if the hydraulic system fails.