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Glossaire des transports combinés transport fluvial promotions  tunnels routiers_euro tunnelgothard_ch2013.php

Navigation on pourrais dire "fluviale" au travers de quelques un des projets de promotion de ce mode d'acheminement, précieux outils à valoriser dans le future, le sortir des tiroirs en toute finesse, et qui aurait bien des performances cachés.

Nombreux études sont faits sur les ressources des contribuables, il est donc dès lors normale que l'on en fasse connaître la teneur à chaque niveaux d'analyse et pour chacune des parties impliquées. Webmaster lomag-man.org. 27.04.2006

Transport’s main potential barriers for sustainable socio-economic development in the European Union (EU) are traffic congestion, environmental impacts, and economic costs. The EU Transport White Paper Transport Policy for 2010: time to decide proposed important measures to tackle these challenges, including developing inland waterway and inter-modal transport.The White Paper proposed shifting cargo from the heavily loaded road network onto the waterways.Through this proposal, by balancing the modal shares of transport systems, the existing infrastructure capacity can be fully used to accommodate future economic growth in the EU. ...


Texte intégral: livreblanc\lb_texte_complet_en.pdf Anglais   

Livre blanc: "La politique européenne des transports à l’horizon 2010 : l’heure des choix"

Texte intégral:  livreblanc\lb_texte_complet_fr.pdf Français

Carte sur les infrastructures ferroviaires, portuaires, fluviales et maritimes à long terme-Horizon 2025 documentation\fich_tf_CIADT_2003-12-18_carte_infras_fer_fleuve2025.pdf


...Inland waterway transport is seen as a reliable, economical, and environmentally-friendly mode of transport; it is recognised by the EU as a key means of transport in the European inter-modal transport system.

The Commission aims to create favourable conditions for the further development of the sector and to encourage business to expand the use of this means of transport. Its future development requires the introduction of modern concepts, technologies and solutions, so as to adapt to new market needs and to inter-modal integration, thus providing an accessible, safe, and environmentally-friendly alternative to the congested road network. Information and communication technologies provide an opportunity to transfer not only traditional bulk transport but also other goods, containers and even high priced just in time transport onto the inland waterway transport sector.This offers an intelligent, safe, and efficient method of transport with the information links to the rail, road, and short-sea systems.

The advanced information and communication technologies applied on inland waterways will provide inland shipping with a competitive edge over other means of transport, together with an effective means of integration into logistic chains. In 1998, based on the results from several research projects and various applications, the EU officially defined the concept of River Information Services (RIS).

RIS is defined as a concept of harmonised information services to support traffic and transport management in inland navigation, including interfaces to other modes of transport.

La suite de ce doc.: transp-fluvial\documentation_transfluvial\risRiverinformationservices.pdf


Présentation et des liens partenaires divers projets:documentation_transfluvial\04_workshop_image.pdf

transp-fluvial\documentation_transfluvial\06_workshop_report_2005_02_24_fr.pdf Français

Nouvelle documentation:

new   lesnouvellesroutes-dufret-transport-fluvial-euro-marcopolo (avec vidéo)


Série documentaire. Episode de 50' écrit et réalisé par Rob Kerr, et produit par Southern Star. 2005.

Un tour du monde des constructions les plus ambitieuses et les plus spectaculaires de la planète, d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, qui constituent autant d'incroyables réalisations technologiques derrière lesquelles se cachent de grandes aventures humaines. Le géant des mers. L'OOCL Atlanta est un.....Voir, écouter, lire...


En savoir plus: Lyon-Turin: http://www.transalpine.com/index.php?page=enjeux&rub=europe Acteurs et comité: http://www.transalpine.com/index.php?page=quifaitquoi&rub=quifaitquoi


La société LTF  Ltf-sas | Lyon Turin Ferroviaire Multilingue, Principaux acteurs du projet Principaux acteurs du projet Lyon Turin Ferroviaire


Lyon-Turin: the European Commission publishes a report by ...
EUROPA (press release) - Brussels,Belgium
... coordinator for priority corridor No 6 of the trans-European transport network (Lyon ... results of the studies carried out by Lyon-Turin Ferroviaire (LTF) taking ...

Enfin ils sortent du bois!!

Voir la page ici sur le site: tunnelsferro_lytu_euro.php

Lyon-Turin : la Commission européenne publie les résultats de l’expertise indépendante Rapport de l'Analyse des études faites par LTF sur le projet Lyon - Turin (section internationale), Le réseau transeuropéen de transport
"RTE-T" Cliquez sur ce lien

   tunnelgothard_ch2013.php  Tunnel du Gothard

Autres travaux européens: présentation brève d'une des activités de recherche.


Démonstration Scenarios

Concepts and developed solutions will be applied to three Logistic Service Providers, representing different business fields and transport markets as well as one Logistic Information Provider which will be set up as a virtually centralized organization according to the strategic approach of ALSO DANUBE, ensuring the availability of necessary data and acting as an EDI oriented communication platform.
Logistic Channel 1 "Danube - ARA - Ports - CCS"


will provide and demonstrate intermodal transport chains with inland waterway as key transport mode between the seaports Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp (ARA - Ports) and the inland waterway transport network of the river Danube. This logistic chain will use state of the art technologies for planning, controlling and monitoring of the services provided. The logistic channel will address all kind of goods which fit into a container.

Logistic Channel 2 "Danube Combined Transport Services - DCS"

will provide and demonstrate intermodal transport chains with inland waterway transport as key mode between the destinations Budapest (Hungary), Linz / Enns (Austria) and Deggendorf (Germany). A further extension of services provided towards Romania will be considered. In order to improve efficiency and competitiveness, a new type of turnaround transport equipment will be used reducing the loading and transshipment times at transfer points. The chain will be able to provide door-to-door transport services which include the operation of pre- and end-haulage via rail and road transport and will be supported by an integrated information network along the entire logistic channel.

Logistic Channel 3 "ILL - Steel Logistics"

will provide and demonstrate the operation of an integrated logistic chain based on a "just in time" delivery concept between two plants of VOEST ALPINE, using inland navigation as key transport mode. Advanced information and communication systems will be used to assure a seamless flow of products along this intermodal door-to-door transport chain. The chain will set up a highly integrated and automated flow of information between all involved partners in the logistic chain creating an efficient logistic network.

"Common Source Logistic Database - CSL.DB"

will be demonstrated by via donau as neutral logistics information service provider. This CSL.DB will provide qualified data for the planning and monitoring of logistics and transport operations in terms of adjusted data subsets, relevant traffic information and geographical positioning data connected to River Information Services (RIS), and will use web-based tactical logistic information imaging. Furthermore, it will support interactive web-based interfaces and applications; remote client applications, online transaction processing with external applications and information databases as well as individual or EDI standard formats by using the data clearing functionality in the application interconnectivity management tool.


new   lesnouvellesroutes-dufret-transport-fluvial-euro-marcopolo (avec vidéo)marcopolo
Inland waterway traffic

Site assez complet, nombreuses ressources d'information et liens extérieurs.

A 1350 tonnes barge is consuming four to seven times less fuel than a road truck. With only 5 litres of fuel, an inland barge can transport one tonne of cargo over a full 500 km. With the same amount of fuel, a train would come to a halt after 333 km, a truck after barely 100 km, and an airplane would crash after only 6,6 km of flight.

Site: Promotie Binnenvaart Vlaanderen Promotie Binnenvaart Vlaanderen

Brochure exemple: transp-fluvial\documentation_transfluvial\leafletkaaimuren.pdf

Films média: transp-fluvial\images_fluvial\ine[1].mpg Format MPG

Média sous format Windows Média: ../../transport/maritime_portuaire/ProfielBinnenvaart-nl.wmv Format Windows Média

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 Format Flash  Carte agrandie en page annexe

Du site: ISEMAR : Institut Supérieur d'Économie Maritime.

Note de Synthèse n°83

Mars 2006

Logiques d'acteurs et transport fluvial de conteneurs sur le Rhin

Télécharger: synthese 83 transfluvconteneursRhin_isemas_mars2006

Nombreuses notes et rapports sur site: http://www.isemar.asso.fr


/15thAnnualMastersofLogisticsSurvey-Strategy Shift_logisticsmgmt.com.pdf

Faced with rising transportation costs and continued service problems, shippers have begun giving serious thought to redesigning distribution networks and forming multi-company collaborations to share transportation capacity. Those are some of the key findings of Logistics Management's 15th Annual Masters of Logistics Survey.....Source: http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/



Actu maritime:

Le fret maritime, ce mal-aimé : Les défis du métier
Agefi Luxembourg - Luxembourg  06.06.2008
Le transport maritime européen constitue 45% de la flotte mondiale, et 90% de l'acheminement des marchandises vers et à partir de l'Europe sont réalisés par ...



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Glossaire des transports combinés 

Glossaire des transports combinés  transport fluvial promotions 

tunnels routiers_euro avec des Vidéos Ferroutage Projet Lyon Turin

vidéo ferroutage Lyon-Turin Tva2 2006 Vidéo Brève synthèse sur les Problèmes du ferroutage



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