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Safety Basics - Order Picking


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Order picking is the important job of preparing packs of different goods for individual outlets or manufacturers from a central warehouse.

All the items on supermarket shelves are picked by people at distribution centres and warehouses. It is not uncommon for a person to pick more than ten tonnes of boxes and packages each day.

Order picking is a dangerous occupation because it can be physically demanding and the demand is repeated constantly. Over 280 claims from manual order picking injuries in the warehousing sector occur in Victoria each year, with the cost of these around $11.5 million. But these figures are only the tip of the iceberg as they do not include self insurers.

Given the size of the problem and the nature of the risk, WorkSafe Victoria is determined to help reduce accidents and give clarity around the general principles of manual order picking and the work practices, workplace layout and equipment employers need, to comply with WorkSafe's requirements. These requirements apply equally to employees, temporary staff and labour hire personnel.

Guide To Manual Order Picking

WorkSafe Victoria has produced "A Guide to Manual Order Picking" which shows WorkSafe's expectations and gives industry some 'lines in the sand', in terms of WorkSafe's expectations of organisations to ensure order picking is done safely. The Guide was developed in collaboration with representatives from industry associations, unions, employers, employees and employee organisations, suppliers, labour hire companies, safety inspectors, ergonomists and health and safety representatives.

The emphasis in the Guide is on minimising lifting anything above shoulders or below knees and that only low weight objects, or infrequently picked objects, are lifted from these places.

Two information packs, one for employers and one for employees, particularly health and safety representatives, were distributed to over 3000 recipients in April 2004. Both contained the Guide to Manual Order Picking as the core, but each included additional information aimed at meeting the specific needs of employers and employees in the workplace.

These packs are no longer available, but copies of the Guide are available free of charge by emailing [email protected]  or telephoning 1800 136 089.

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