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Safety Basics - Order Picking 
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NIOSH Assumptions for Order Picking Weights Diagrams
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Vertical reach:
Shelf heights are 10cm, 50cm, 90cm and 130cm above the ground.
If shelf heights between 10 and 150cm, use shelf that most closely matches.
If shelf heights are at 0cm or between 150 and 175 cm reduce weight.
If shelf heights above 175cm – no lifting should occur from that height.
If shelf heights are lower than ground level = reassess
Horizontal reach:
Reach distances are 30cm to first box, 50cm to second box and 63cm to third box on shelf
If reach distances are increased – reduce weight If reach distance decreased - reassess
Frequency and duration:
1 lift every 2 minutes for a duration of 2 hours
If frequency increased – reduce weight
If duration increased – reduce weight
If duration is for more than 8 hours - reassess
If frequency decreased – reassess
If duration decreased - reassess
Size of person in shoes:
Stature – 169 cm
Shoulder height – 140 cm
Elbow height – 110 cm
Knuckle height – 76 cm
Knee height – 47 cm
Mid lower leg – 36 cm
No twisting during lifting
If any twisting occurs – reduce weight  
Object size:
Compact, evenly distributed load lifted using two hands with good hand holds.
If load is large, unstable or difficult to handle – reduce weight.
If there are poor hand holds – reduce weight.
If load lifted by one hand only – reduce weight.
Object lifted:
- with two hands; and
- using a recognised lifting technique; and
- from a specific position detailed in the diagram; and
- with ample space to lift object; and
- placed onto a table or belt and knuckle height; and
- no precision placement is required
- with no more than two steps taken; and
- on good floor surfaces; and
- in good environmental conditions.
If item is placed on the ground or at height – reassess
If more than two steps are taken – reassess
If object lifted while kneeling – reassess
If lifting occurs in restricted space – reassess
If lifting occurs on slippery floors – reassess
If precision placement of the object is required - reassess
If lifting occurs in an unfavourable environment (i.e. 19–26oC, relative humidity 35-50%) - reassess
If object slid close to the body before lifting – use weights for first box.
Lifting and lowering is conducted at a slow speed.
If lifting or lowering occurs at a speed of 75cm per second or more - reassess
Destination of lift:
Object lifted from shelf and placed without precision onto a belt or pallet or trolley at knuckle height while close to the body.
Object placed to a position below knee height or above elbow height – reduce weight.

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